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Beetle Knight is an advisory firm dedicated to advancing the mission of industry-defining startups through deep partnerships with founders, venture capital, and private equity firms in Southeast Asia.

Your Value

Creation Partner

We empower founders and investors alike to accelerate their mission and achieve success.

We provide comprehensive support to founders, building a strong foundation for scalability and offering expertise in strategy, finance, and operational excellence.

Simultaneously, we bring value to venture capital and private equity firms, helping them achieve their investment objectives and fostering better collaboration in the startup ecosystem.

With Beetle Knight, both founders and VC/PE firms gain a trusted partner dedicated to driving success and unlocking the full potential of their investments.

Our Story

The inception of Beetle Knight stemmed from a deep understanding of the challenges faced by founders and VC/PE firms in establishing effective financial functions.

Having worked on both sides, we recognized the critical need for competent finance leaders who can navigate the complexities of finance, fundraising, M&A, and investor relations.

Drawing upon our experiences in buy-side and as startup operators, we founded Beetle Knight with the vision of closing the gap and fostering better collaboration.

With a passionate team of financial and operational experts, we are committed to helping startups unlock their full potential and assisting VC/PE firms in achieving their investment objectives.

Our Values


We are driven by a deep-rooted passion to accelerate the mission of our clients. We find profound meaning in pursuing a greater purpose through our work and actively seek to make a positive impact, shaping industries for the better and driving change in the world.

Intellectual Honesty

We embrace the courage to speak truthfully and authentically, even in difficult situations. Our commitment to intellectual honesty means we provide unbiased advice and recommendations, driven by our dedication to what is right for our clients, rather than simply telling them what they want to hear.


We foster a culture of curiosity, constantly seeking new perspectives, innovative solutions, and deeper insights to drive continuous improvement and stay ahead in a rapidly evolving landscape. We strive to expand our own knowledge and impart these valuable learnings to our clients, empowering them to grow and thrive alongside us.


We uphold unwavering integrity, acting with honesty, transparency, and a strong moral compass. Our commitment to integrity means we prioritize doing what is right, even in the face of adversity, and foster a culture of trust and ethical conduct in all our interactions.

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